Frequently Asked Questions

Ongsho means "part" in English and in Bengali “অংশ". Mainly Ongsho is working to ensure basic needs of people. The motto of Ongsho is “ a part of your needs”. We are operation our company from Bangladesh.
"Ongsho" is a company that provides everything you need to generate technology, and connect with customers. Ongsho is totaly conscious and carefull for our client and also respect theme. “Ongsho” Have clients From USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Bangladesh also.
"Ongsho" always using Advance Technologies. For Developing sector Ongsho use the programming language Python, Django Framework, PHP, Laravel Framework, Javascript and CMS(WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, Wix). For Graphics Design Ongsho using updated Adobe software and graphics technical website. For "Digital Marketing" Ongsho using all kind of high performance and good paid tools and give the suggestion by the specialist.
Yes, you will definitely get back your money from us. We have some condition. You can follow Refund Policy
"Ongsho" is a big web agency to provide your services. We have 29 members in our team. Who are lives in Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Canada and Italy

You can get support from us through below this type of system.

  • Direct email :
  • Via Support Ticket
  • Over Telephone : ( +880 9613 900 200 )
  • Via Support
Yes, you can utilize any web host which you want. When your web site will be finished, you’ll have to supply us your web hosting control panel login, user name and password. After that we will be able to upload your web site for you. Some of our saas based system you can't enjoy your hosting. You have to use our cloud invironment.
At the beginning you have to pay 50% on contact money. During working prieod you have to rest of the payment amount.